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2008oneshow互动类金奖作品 Self Destruct(自毁)

@ 2008-06-07

  Our receptionists told us: ‘When Deadline Couriers give you a time, they actually mean it.’ To demonstrate this we chose to use a single billboard in the middle of the city to make a little noise. On it we placed a digital countdown clock, together with a promise that the billboard would self-destruct at zero hour. And at that exact moment, we blew it up - with nitramine dry powder, strobe grenades and smoke bombs. With a small budget ($20,000) a billboard was the most appropriate, most cost effective and most powerful medium to bring this idea to life. In addition to capturing 353,000 potential Deadline customers who drove past the site in the week leading up to the explosion, a live streaming webcam of the countdown linked to Deadline’s homepage was seen by thousands more. Additionally the explosion was debated on blogs and picked up by the press and national television news. In total the billboard explosion was viewed by over a million people.

广告公司特别研究出了“When Deadline Couriers give you a time, they actually mean it.” 意思是“我们承诺的时间,我们一定会做到”
概念很简单,规定时间里面自爆,然后要说明的是Deadline Couriers快递公司在规定的时间里面也能做到!



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