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2008oneshow互动类银奖作品 Bravia

@ 2008-06-18

  BRAVIA has become renowned for challenging and creative advertising in recent years. So when Dare set out to create a new multi-faceted site, much thought was given to creating an innovative, yet highly intuitive navigation system.
  The challenge was to find a simple way to allow users to explore a constantly evolving Flash-built site.
  Site content includes BRAVIA product pages, Fallon's latest 'Play Doh' TV ad, a 'Colourwall' where users can own one of 16.7 million colours - plus guest edited content which changes quarterly.
  Dare came up with a revolving modular design which users could rotate to visit different areas of the site. This was combined with a simple keyboard navigation using the arrow keys so users could easily return to menus or explore more deeply without getting lost.
  This extraordinary combination of interactivity, design and fun helped Dare answer Sony's simple brief: to create a website like no other.




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