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2008 canneslions 戛纳广告节互动类金奖LOOP

@ 2008-07-05

Type Of Entry: Online Advertising
Title: LOOP
Advertiser/Client: MINI
Product/Service: MINI CLUBMAN
Entrant Company: GLUE LONDON
Advertising/Web Design Agency: GLUE LONDON

Credit Details:
Seb RoyceCreative DirectorGlue London
Sam ShepherdCreativeGlue London
Gareth GrayCreativeGlue London
Jez DuttonPlannerGlue London
Rachel TurnerAccount DirectorGlue London
Leon OstleDesignerGlue London
Marcus ChalonerDesignerGlue London
Rachel BishopProducerGlue London

November 2007 saw the launch of MINI's first brand new model since 2001 with the MINI Clubman. After some initial teaser activity, our task was to capitalise on the buzz already generated and let people know the car was out there to buy! The new MINI Clubman has a distinctly 'other' design but with the same thrilling driving experience you expect from a MINI. It could be mistaken for the original MINI from the front, but turn it around and you'll see the new features. The new MINI Clubman is a little longer and has unique split rear doors for access to the boot and a distinctive club door on the driver side for easy access to the backseats. Our target audience are those who love to be in the know and are the trendsetters within their groups in all matters of design and style, so they'll love the uniqueness that the MINI Clubman offers. They eat up digital, but aren't petrol heads, so the majority wouldn't necessarily be aware that a new MINI had arrived. Our campaign needed to communicate that a new MINI had launched and grab attention by demonstrating the distinctive new features to build excitement and interest in the car. We combined MINI's classic use of humour, cheekiness and self-deprecation, with first class video and flash techniques, which all resulted in an engaging and inspiring MINI experience.


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