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canneslions互动类铜奖作品 The Worlds Greatest Dice Roll

@ 2008-06-16

canneslions互动类铜奖作品 The Worlds Greatest Dice Roll

Background / Brief

The online gaming industry is full of Las Vegas-type elements such as strippers, gold, fast cars and macho attitude. It's not a very warm and inviting place.

But, that's the ambition of Gnuf - a different and highly innovative gaming community - to stay far away from Las Vegas clich and create something bigger, broader and more entertaining, in the truest sense of the word.

Therefore, ACNE Creative decided to base the launch campaign of Gnuf.com on an offline event, designed to entertain in its own right and thereby attract a broader target audience than solely hardcore poker players.

This event was The Worlds Greatest Dice Roll!

The main objective of the campaign was obviously to generate new registered users on Gnuf.com but the brand building aspect of the campaign was equally important. Furthermore, It was also a testament to the Acne philosophy of Branding by Doing as a marketing approach - don't talk about yourself so much, do something that embodies your brand essence and that people want to participate in!

The solution

When ACNE was given the assignment a seemingly over the top idea solidified into a project involving two half-ton dice, stubborn Swedish welders, a one-month long boat transport, whale sushi and several helicopter trips in the mountains outside of Nuuk, the capital of Greenland.

In April 2007 the time had come and ACNE dropped the two enormous, 500 kilo steel dice down a snow-covered mountain from a helicopter. The unbelievable footage, produced by Acne Film, was then put up on a website designed and developed for the campaign by Acne Digital, where visitors were challenged to bet on the results of the dice roll for the chance to win adventurous trips to Greenland.

The result

* During the course of the campaign period approximately 10 000 people placed their bets on the outcome of the dice roll on the website.

* The promo video clip on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTZ6oDgUzkU) and other numerous (video) blogs was viewed over 1 000 000 times in total. This success even placed the video as high as number 21 on the Youtube list 'Most Viewed Today' on October 23 2007.

* The website generated worldwide media coverage in both trade press as well as general newspapers.




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