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沃达丰(vodafone)Music Unlimited--音乐无界限

@ 2008-09-11

世界电信巨头沃达丰(vodafone)最新项目--Music Unlimited:
Using falling, colorful shapes as windows to content, U.K.-based mobile brand Vodafone has launched its "Music Unlimited" site.

Here, visitors can click and drag the multitude of shapes, which expand to reveal content from Vodafone-sponsored events including live footage of Amy Winehouse and video interviews with burgeoning acts like Zombie Nation. Each content-filled shape includes a "More Like This" tab, which when clicked on will cause shapes bearing interviews and bios of similar artists to fall onto the page.

Additionally, you can browse content by tags and get redirected to local Vodafone music sites in several countries. Along the way, the site bookmarks your exploration in the "Your Journey" section.


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