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@ 2008-09-17

An 80-year-old midwife offers proper grooming tips for the most intimate of areas.

The URL says it all in Akestam Holst's site for client RFSU, which is the Swedish association for sex education.

Aimed at women post-puberty and beyond, the site invites visitors to virtually style and customize what the Scandinavians call your "fiffi" with scissors, a razor or an array of RFSU products. The fictional character Miss Fiffi, who's an 80-year-old midwife, will then judge your shaving skills on a scale of 1 to 10 and your completed fiffi can subsequently be downloaded and embedded in your Facebook page.

Complemented by banner ads and an outdoor campaign, the somewhat controversial site also hosts a contest where the best fiffi wins a full shaving kit courtesy of RFSU. If one requires a more personal touch, they can contact a real-life midwife from the RFSU clinic for grooming tips via MSN Messenger.


在国内估计不会有这样的站 呵呵~不方便说是什么,看看英文,看看网站就知道是什么站了。

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