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2K Sports: NBA 2K9 - The Other Season Website

@ 2008-10-15

The TV spots feature Celtics star Kevin Garnett while the website lets visitors register for free and join "The Other Season", a fantasy league where eight pros like Garnett and Steve Nash are owners of teams。 The NBA 2K9 league kicks off on October 28th and coincides with the actual NBA season, from the regular games all the way through the playoffs。

  Those interested in joining the league must first buy 2K9 and play at least one networked game on either Xbox Live or Playstation Online。 The gamers will then be recruited and drafted to play in the 2K9 league by the NBA pros who own the teams。 As the Other Season progresses, players will rack up point and other stats playing 2K9 for the team that drafted them。 After the season ends, the team that wins the championship earns $10,000 for their NBA pro's charity。

  The site also includes clips from 2K9 game play, the TV spots, wallpaper downloads and even rookie advice from Portland Trailblazers center Greg Oden。



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