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The truth about smart

@ 2008-12-05



Space(空间篇) --看两个壮汉如何把大洗衣机放进Smart。可以选择钢琴试试...




The truth about smart:

Most people think they know all about the smart fortwo. They know it's a cute-looking two-seater which is easy to park and nippy around town.

However, precisely because of its compact size and cute looks, many people also assume that the smart lacks 'real car' credentials, that it will be cramped on the inside with a non-existent boot, and that it would crumple horribly in an accident.

This is actually far from the truth. The front seats are bigger than in many executive saloons, the boot can take a washing machine, and the 'Tridion' safety cell could survive the weight of 400 elephants. And all this in a car from Mercedes-Benz, packed full of state-of-the-art Mercedes technologies.

The truth about smart campaign therefore seeks to make people reappraise smart as a real car with real car credentials, by confronting people's misconceptions head on in a series of rich media ads and a campaign microsite.



为了打破这样的惯性思维,英国奔驰汽车公司委托伦敦 AGENCY REPUBLIC公司,执行制作了这个Campaign。





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