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    In 2008 DDB Germany developed a little application with a big effect. The goal was to reduce the waste of paper throughout the DDB network. The simple solution was to remind people of what they do by wasting paper: killing trees.

    The «Save paper, save trees» application turns the mouse pointer, of every computer it runs on, into a little motor-saw. The saw appears every time the “print” button is pressed – along with a sound and message. If printing is continued, the user can hear a tree falling down. If printing is cancelled, the saw stops and the user can hear the sound of birds singing peacefully.

    By making our 14,000 employees worldwide think twice we already saved a lot of paper. But we need your help to save more: downloading the application is a first step.

公益广告,为了提醒人们应该节约纸张,浪费纸张就等于砍伐树木。DDB特意制作了《save paper,save trees》(节约用纸就是保护树木)这个运用程序,每当你要打印的时候,就会产生电锯的声音,但是当你带点击取消的时候,就会有一段树林里美妙的声音(鸟声)。


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