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 In 2003, a young man decided to take on a path he thought to be one of his life changing moments. That was the world of digital advertising. Passionate as he was, he built a team of highly trained creatives to form what we know today as Fluidx.

That young man was Tri Huynh.
Till this day, we don’t know what to call ourselves. We are called many things, such as creative agency, production house, banner gurus, digital gods.  But whatever we’re doing, we’re making people happy.
We design, we build, we play… digitally

Fluidix公司的圣诞祝福:自定义祝福 / 2009-12-17

来自Fluidix公司的圣诞祝福,在这里,你可以看到其他人的祝福; 你也可以创建属于自己的形象以及文字,点击Creat a message of you own 然后如图所示,可以
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