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Daehong Inc


Industry’s leading integrated marketing communications partner

Since its founding in 1982, Daehong Communications(大弘企划) has been making history with its portfolio of successful campaigns in advertising, marketing, brand consulting, promotion, entertainment, and design as one of the most competitive marketing communications firms. We at Daehong Communications offer complete solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client, from initial analysis to the final campaign and marketing activities that move consumers and bring changes to the market. Based on our creative principle of making science and art that sells, we are not afraid to apply new techniques to our marketing strategies, advertising creativity, and media strategy. By reinforcing our global capacity through alliances with world-renowned ad agencies, academe, and global networks, we offer efficient marketing support for our clients. As the era’s best marketing partner, we promise to maximize the profits of our clients as a truly reliable marketing partner through unprecedented creativity and insightful advertising services.
韩国交友网站线下活动 前任市场

韩国交友网站线下活动 前任市场 / 2014-08-15

联合国儿童基金会户外公益项目 不倒翁

联合国儿童基金会户外公益项目 不倒翁 / 2014-08-12

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