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第一个案例:KIA(起亚)汽车借助AR(增强实景)技术,投放的一次交互广告。 用户使用手机,可以针对电视上播放的企业logo进行扫描,在用户的手机上可以看到相对应的汽车信息。第二个案例,Toyota汽车交互案例 在一张
Nike Zoom Mobile

Nike Zoom Mobile / 2008-09-02

CLIENT:NikePROJECT:Zoom Mobile The goal of the Nike Zoom Mobile campaign was to deliver on the brand promise of Nike Zoom which is “Nike Zoom = Quick” and “Quick is Deadly.” In our efforts with Ni
08戛纳广告节互动广告类铜狮奖SAY MUCH MORE
Synopsis:CREDO Mobile is a mobile phone service where each month, they donate a portion of your phone charges to liberal causes such as ending the war, clean elections and gay marriage.