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2008canneslions 戛纳广告节互动广告类银狮作品 SEE SOMETHING FEEL SOMETHING

@ 2008-07-16

2008canneslions 戛纳广告节互动广告类银狮作品 SEE SOMETHING FEEL SOMETHING


This site was intended to sow the seeds for a fresh brand direction for FOXTEL. Its objective was to reveal that FOXTEL is a trigger for emotion as opposed to just a lot of 'content' and 'great offers'. The concept right from the outset was to turn the point of view around 180 degrees, so instead of watching FOXTEL we would watch people watching FOXTEL, and see how it made them feel.

2008年canneslions戛纳广告节互动广告类银狮作品 有线体育频道 《看事情,感受事情》--(SEE SOMETHING. FEEL SOMETHING),他们做了一个网站,网站一开始就是人在看着什么东西,然后这些人表情说明了节目的精彩程度,然后用户可以放大,放大后看到眼睛里面反射的原来是Foxtel的节目..

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