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2008-08-18 08:54:43
Synopsis:The contents/service was created for a campaign to encourage our targets' steady use of AXE in the morning. One can get a wake-up call by setting the time, entering their mobile ph
2008-08-10 08:01:33
Synopsis:Though widespread discussions in the press, most users don't realise what kind of data and to which extent they leave behind when surfing the Web. A special program visualises the digi
戛纳广告节互动广告 STARE OUT
2008-08-09 07:39:17
Synopsis:During the Rugby World Cup, O2 continued its support of the England Team with a high-profile ATL campaign called Never Surrender. We were asked to come up with an online campaign encapsul
2008-08-08 08:49:11

  Client: Greenpeace
  Greenpeace Weather is a strategy multiplayer game on which players become activists to fight against the climate changes. Their mission is to join ot
2008戛纳广告节互动类铜狮DRIVE-IN GAME
2008-08-07 19:39:41
Synopsis:Volkswagen celebrates its 60th anniversary in the Netherlands with a campaign site that invites people to sync typical lyrics & music of the last 60 years with the Volkswagen models t
2008-08-06 08:59:12
Synopsis:Red Bull Flugtag Flight Lab is modeled closely after the actual Red Bull Flugtag event, where participants build flying machines and jump off a ramp into water, trying to fly as far as th
戛纳广告节互动广告 huggies_cowboy
2008-08-05 19:51:52
金佰利公司的儿童玩具!:-) 今年戛纳广告节互动类作品!
2008年cannelions戛纳广告节互动广告类铜狮 ZIKKYO GENERATOR
2008-08-05 19:18:14
Synopsis:This site was created as a tool for SONY to become an official supporter for the Japanese football team and to build up their brand power through one of the most major sports worldwide. &
2008年戛纳广告节互动类铜狮SEE MY DRESS
2008-08-03 09:16:33
Synopsis:In Norway we have a well known children's song called "See my dress". It is about a girl that has a new favourite colour for each of the verses in the song - and everything
2008-08-02 08:02:36
Synopsis:In the largest art theft in Swiss history, Paul Cezanne's "The Boy with the Red Vest" (value: almost 100 million francs) was stolen. Shortly thereafter a video surfaced on YouT
2008年cannelions戛纳广告节互动广告类银狮 BALLOONS
2008-07-29 20:31:30
Synopsis:BRIEF Add local flavour with a small budget to support a big budget film from London launching the new Ford Mondeo in New Zealand. SOLUTION Launch a viral on You Tube showing local blokes
2008年cannelions戛纳广告节互动广告类银狮 ELIMINATE(除去)
2008-07-27 08:21:34
Synopsis:Poor health is the major transmission cause for most illnesses that affect Third World citisens. The client requested an email to raise awareness over the imminent need for sanitation. Ou
2008年cannelions戛纳广告节互动广告类银狮INTERNET SHUT DOWN
2008-07-27 07:32:24
On July 12th 2006, 2 Israelis were abducted by the Hezbollah. To keep their issue a national priority we invited every major site to stop their activity for 5 minutes precisely 1 year a
2008年cannelions戛纳广告节互动广告类银狮 F**K OFF
2008-07-26 09:03:30
Synopsis:The brief was to demonstrate that Barnardo's don't give up on vulnerable children, no matter who they are or what they have done. They believe in children. Our solution: troubled children
2008年cannelions戛纳广告节互动广告类银狮DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?
2008-07-26 08:43:30
Synopsis:The "Do you have what it takes?" campaign for the Swedish Armed Forces aimed at recruiting new officers by letting you test your ability to solve difficulties under pressure, creati
2008-07-25 22:19:27
Synopsis:Domestic violence against children is broadcast daily in Japan, and has become a solemn concern. Children, however frightened and terrified, cannot run away from home and cry for help. Th
2008-07-24 20:00:31
Synopsis:Brief: Emirates use the line "Keep discovering" to sum up their philosophy on travel: you get the most out of travel by getting off the beaten track and exploring new things. Ou
2008年cannelions戛纳广告节互动广告类银狮YEAR ZERO
2008-07-22 08:46:42
Synopsis:The ambitious Year Zero alternate reality game (ARG), a work of cross-media art involving websites, emails, phone calls, album packaging, tour t-shirts, thumb drives, music videos, murals