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2008oneshow 互动类最好作品

@ 2008-05-13

原文:Friday, among suplexes and splintering podiums, the One Club awarded its Interactive prizes, including top Best in Show honors to Tokyo shop Projector's UNIQLOCK for Japanese clothing manufacturer Uniqlo。 Projector, Inc。

翻译一下:周五,2008oneshow(金铅笔)互动类广告奖颁发,最佳(top Best 咋翻译?)作品为日本东京Projector工作室为日本Uniqlo(衣服品牌--原文为衣服制造商)创作的UNIQLOCK.

The Brief:

UNIQLO was seeking an innovative way to build its brand awareness internationally,
and promote its business expansion into the global market.
We recognized the 70 million blogs worldwide as a powerful buzz-building media,
and created a functional and entertaining blog widget for the bloggers to spread the brand globally.
The campaign concept we developed was the fusion of a CLOCK which functions as a blog utility,
time signaling MUSIC, and DANCE performance videos with UNIQLO clothing.
We named it UNIQLOCK. As a 100% UNIQLO branded widget, this automatically became a tool
to connect UNIQLO and the world's bloggers.

(We recognized the 70 million blogs worldwide as a powerful buzz-building media,这句不会翻译-抱歉)

The Launch And Execution:

As a teaser, we uploaded 16 audition videos onto YOUTUBE.
Then we launched the UNIQLOCK site to start distributing the blog widget.
The numerous dance videos and the clock counter appearing seamlessly one after another makes
the viewers eager to see more.
Since the widget plays all-year round, 24/7, the dancers change their outfits according to the season.
The bloggers were motivated by seeing the website’s world map which visualized the expansion
of all of the users.Screensavers and shop installations were also released to enhance
the UNIQLOCK experience, from personal desktops to the UNIQLO stores.

The Results:

Over 27000 widgets from 76 countries
Over 68 million views from 209 countries (the wedgets + the website)
Over 500 thousand views on You Tube (the audition videos)
Over 175 thousand downloads (the screensavers)
0 >> 619 thousand web pages (google)
(To Date: 10th January, 2008 )

结果!看看就明白了 就不翻译了!



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