WaterisLife公益营销 价值百万竟然没有人拿 巴西ESPN女子体育赛事转播营销活动 测试 戒毒公益营销 180天180个故事
08oneshow:Camp Okutta - An Adventure Camp for Kids
If your kids like video games, they'll love real weapons. Client Warchild Canada Agency john st. advertising / toronto Agency Producer Michelle Orlando Art Director Rob Tricke
http://comic.makibishi.co.jp/日本Makibishi漫画社网站,用和尚作为形象。 以漫画的形式介绍网站。 08oneshow铜奖
[08oneshow]NiKE iD Studio London
Nike was opening a premium customisation studio in NikeTown London. Its aim: to let sneaker-heads get closer to Nike by designing their own shoes in free one-on-one appointments with NIKEiD De
[08oneshow]adidas THE ROO Campaign
Traditionally adidas invites athletes to Asia in what is called the Player Tours. In 2007 adidas wanted to activate hundreds of thousands of Asian basketball fans in what they called the Digital Player Tours. This meant we needed to provide a digital platform that got users closer than they ever could to these athletes, help them elevate their game and create the biggest ever digital campaign for adidas in Asia.
The challenge of the CRAZY GENIUS
Summary movie (摘要) 2.Print for mobile 2D barcode (手机2D码)1.Crazy-genius website (活动网站)3.Second Life(在第二人生的位置)Banner Ads (在线广告)1.Change thinking 2.Change viewpoint 3.Ch
[oneshow]Color Tokyo! -Live Color Wall Project
CONCEPT Cross-media Promotion of SONY BRAVIA “Live Color” is the concept of SONY BRAVIA. We aimed for each and every one of the users to further experience the concept of discovering an
[08oneshow]T90: The Put It Where You Want It Tour
nikefootball website! 2008oneshow bronze Agency Nitro London/Mook / London
[2008oneshow]世界板类运动品牌Quiksilver广告--Dynamite Surfing
世界板类运动品牌Quiksilver广告。炸河制造波浪.... 品牌疯狂,广告也疯狂。 2008oneshow铜奖。
【08oneshow】Emails from the past.
Client: Kabel Deutschland, The History Channel Title:Emails from the past. For the start of the documentary series ‘Hippies’, a two-stage e-mail campaign with backdated news from the ‘flower
【08oneshow】Nike + Miles
Challenge: Increase awareness and number of registered Nike+ users. Strengthen Nike position as runners brand.Solution:  We gave birth to Miles an unheard-of, three-dimensional widget, ac

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Challenge The eCRM-Campaign Audi A4 Globaldrives should create publicity for the Audi A4, offer an incentive program to the A4 target group and increase sales of the new model without actually
2008oneshow互动类铜奖作品 HoneyShed
Client HoneyShed Agency Droga5 / New York Content Strategist Kimberly Howitt Creative Director David Droga Director Brian Beletic Production Company Smugger Writer Vaness
2008oneshow互动类铜奖作品 TURBOVISION
Campaign DescriptionThe totally redesigned MINI has a massive array of impressive new features. MINI Canada wanted to launch the new car by highlighting all these advancements. They really wanted
2008年oneshow互动广告类铜奖作品 苹果公司官网!http://www.apple.com/
2008年oneshow互动类铜奖作品 Xfactor
When the Carphone Warehouse sponsored the X Factor (Europe's biggest TV singing competition) we thought it would be great to let the public star in their own ads, so we created a site where peopl
2008年oneshow互动类铜奖作品 The Perfect Kick
Client: Nike Name: Nikefootball.com - T90, The Perfect Kick Brief explanation: Nike's most technically advanced football boot to-date, the T90 Laser, required an ambitious online presentatio
2008年oneshow互动类铜奖作品 Halo3 Believe
http://halo3.com/believe/shell.html AKQA的作品,今年就获得了铜奖,戛纳广告节也是获得铜狮!
2008oneshow互动类铜奖作品 HEMA Rube Goldberg Vira
Client HEMA Agency CCCP / Amsterdam Art Director Philip Brink Creative Director Hugo van Woerden 把整个页面都作为了一则广告...:-)~ 广告有点大请耐心等待下.... 有的时候会报错,刷新几
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