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2008oneshow互动类金奖作品 Msnbc--NewsBreaker Live

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In the summer of 2007, for the first time ever, moviegoers were introduced to a new form of branded entertainment: crowd gaming. In place of the typical slide show, a new form of digital interaction was in store. One that required the participation of multiples, not just individuals.

参加活动的唯一条件是 要几个人一起 而非单人参加!

A motion sensor had been hidden in the front of the theater to detect the collective motion in the room, while a computer with WiFi and a digital projector were in the projection booth in back. Dubbed NewsBreaker Live, the game played like Breakout, only with RSS-fed headlines from and human bodies at the controls. These ‘Human Joysticks’ were challenged to beat the high score set by previous audiences. They would earn bonus points for capturing headlines as they fell from destroyed game bricks. Based on the NewsBreaker online game [see below], both versions were part of a larger integrated campaign for

译文:一个动态传感器放置在影院的后边,一个装着WiFi和数字放映机同时也在影院的后边,复制NewsBreaker Live (Dubbed NewsBreaker Live),这个游戏玩起来像Breakout,电影院观众使用身体来控制滑杆,在撞击的时候,会掉下来自MSNbc网站的新闻标题,并获得分数。(They would earn bonus points for capturing headlines as they fell from destroyed game bricks--这个不会翻)
游戏是建立在 NewsBreaker online game 这个基础上的 (点击查看网站)。


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