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@ 2008-06-09

So often people in this grueling, fast-paced industry go unnoticed and un-thanked. We wanted to create an online experience where every employee of CPB could not only claim their holiday thank you gift, but feel truly and personally thanked as well. And of course we wanted to have some fun in the process.

BACKSTORY: When this site launched last christmas there had been some growing discontent with a feature the IT department added to the company websurfing - Websense. Websense basically blocks you from any cool site you'd want to go to... Facebook, MySpace, ESPN, etc. Since then it's been destroyed and no longer in use, but at the time it was pissing a lot of people off.

So when employees visited the thanksomatic site to claim their gift, they were pranked with the company's Web filtering page, which Alex then removed in order to offer a personal and genuine thanks to each and every employee. Every employee of some 700 had a unique and personal message from Alex as they were personaly thanked and then got to pick out a pair of shoes.





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