2008 canneslions 戛纳广告节互动类金狮 SMILE 2008 canneslions戛纳广告节互动广告类金狮奖AAATOWN 全民超人Hancock 2008canneslions 互动类全场大奖UNIQLOCK 2008年cannes戛纳广告节互动类铜狮奖happiness factory-now hiring 2008oneshow互动类银奖作品 REC YOU

2008canneslions戛纳广告节互动类金狮 REC YOU

@ 2008-07-07

2008canneslions戛纳广告节互动类金狮  REC YOU


The new walkman is focussing on its Branded Contents offered onlineand the power of information spreading virally through the internet. With a new and innovative walkman, an user can view TV, and record the contents as well. Therefore, we focused on the recording function, the most unique feature of the new product.When a portrait picture is sent to the website, it will be processed into a movie within seconds. The figure on screen, wearing a walkman, will passionately sing and head bang with the music. Such doppelganger of oneself will enter the web society, and virally spread throughout the internet beyond to the real world.

How the campaign was launch

The world’s first real-time distribution banner, Blog parts, YouTube and cell phones, Also just like gigantic, overwhelming imperial paintings appearing in cities, In music videos, and at the concert hall. It spread all over Japan. Followed by a debut in a thirty-minute long original TV shows.We also designed a service of sending out an e-mail to inform the users when their movie files will be broadcasted on the show. Sharing the experience of singing and head bang with the others will provide the users with interactive and strong vibe-sensations.Finally, the experience of RECording “yourself”.

Main features of work

> First, see the video that explains summary and detail of the campaign.
> See the PDF file that explains the overview of the campaign.
> You can enter a photo at the website to judge the campaign.


As a result, it was introduced in Yahoo’s top news, and in various other media.Worldwide over 10.000 people contributed to REC YOU. and participated in thisnew branded experience. Also, the campaign had a great effect on the sales of w.walkman. It overtook the sales share of Ipod in the week of 2007.11.12-16.






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