Google巴西里约奥运会创意活动网站 玩乐里约 印度儿童公益营销 以孩子命名的街道 沃尔沃汽车创新营销 高速公路偷电 透明国际反腐电影院创意活动 不要做旁观者 【中文字幕】女士,你们薪水只有男人78%你造么 REI户外用品店创意活动网站《每一分钟》
Hema百货商店病毒广告。 Synopsis:HEMA is a department store in the Netherlands. To promote the online shop HEMA asked for a viral. Instead of a viral we turned the website of HEMA itself into a
Synopsis:The World of Warcraft is hugely popular, with over 10 million players worldwide. Its players are active in the larger online community as well. Knowing this, we created a video and posted
Everyone knows that diet colas never taste like the real thing. So how do you convince a skeptical world that your new, zero calorie drink actually tastes like Coke? In this hyper-litigious soci
Synopsis:In December 2007 all clients and employees at Jung von Matt received the world's first blessed e-mail as a Christmas mailing. The response: Over 22,000 views, reporting and commentaries
由于工作,我们读书的时间减少了,那如何在工作的也能读到好书呢,看看这个创意! 08年戛纳互动类铜狮!来自新西兰读书委员会的广告! 创意说明: 上图是官网
CF, describing an escort who is a boy in runner's juvenile mind, runs through blogs boldly. We called this new physical experience as "Blog CF". Many bloggers who sympathized with a boy s
2008canneslions互动类铜狮作品 Screensaver
The Idea On the company’s website, offers their users a special screensaver for download and installation on their computer. What looks like the beloved screensaver ?Flurry“ at fi
08戛纳广告节互动广告类铜狮奖GET IT STRAIGHT
Synopsis:As a leading innovator in electrical tools for home handymen, Bosch is always looking for new ways to bring the claim of "Technik fürs Leben" ('Technology for life') alive. T
产品是:HOT PEPPER SNACKS (热辣小吃) STRATEGY:  We focused our campaign on mobile phones—the center of life of young Japanese—by producing a war game pitting Tyrant Habanero's Imperial Army against Satan Jolokia's Demon Army。 Purchasers of either product could participate by scanning the QR code on the package into their mobile phones。 They could then join the army of their choice and fight in twice-weekly battles。
Synopsis:The task was to boost sales for a SMS based djuice package on a market where SMS is not exciting anymore for a young target audience. The solution: we reinvented the fun and entertaining
08戛纳广告节互动广告类铜狮奖SAY MUCH MORE
Synopsis:CREDO Mobile is a mobile phone service where each month, they donate a portion of your phone charges to liberal causes such as ending the war, clean elections and gay marriage.
08戛纳广告节互动广告类铜狮奖POP UP
Synopsis:We tied up with a number of the most popular Indian internet sites for this activity. Whenever anyone browsing these sites selected any of the text on the page, the selected text assumed
Synopsis:Our banner shows the Rolling Stone magazine and with the interaction on the pages we can hear the sound of one electric guitar. 音乐杂志广告,我们创造音乐!移动鼠标看看! 广告地址:
Synopsis:The challenge was to seamlessly introduce Adobe's new CS3 family of product offerings for web, design and video applications. "Expando" is a rich media banner that challenges t
Synopsis:Rotwild bikes are developed at the highest technological state - for the brand gets constantly inspired by its own origin: biking. This impact had to be applied to the advertising media,
戛纳广告节互动类铜狮奖 能擦得多亮,多光滑?看看它!哈哈点击鼠标! Synopsis:Poliflor has been a synonym of furniture polisher for more than 30 years. Cleans and leaves the surfaces shiny, avoiding the
Synopsis: Omega is Chevy's luxury car in South America, therefore, one of the manufacturer's best finished vehicles. This banner reinforces that message. 在南美,欧米茄是雪佛兰豪华车,是经过制造商认真打磨加工而成的。这个banner就是再讲这个意思!
Synopsis:As it is incredibly comfortable on the road, the E-Class can offer its passengers peace and relaxation. The "Silence" online advertising measure conveys this notion on the Inter
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