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@ 2008-09-10

The Nike ID redesign now includes enhanced customization and design search

Touting its first full redesign of Nikeid.com since its 1999 launch, R/GA has launched a site that now includes performance customization of Nike products, 360 degree and zoom options as well as a design search function.

With the new search app, visitors can view other consumers’ designs from around the globe for inspiration. The new imaging options, meanwhile, allow you to see close-up details like stitching, fabrics and form. Along with the footwear customization, which now includes cleat design, one can also use the color spectrum to shape apparel, bags and more.


借于这个新的功能,用户可以浏览全球范围内其他用户设计的NIKE产品,详细到可以查看(鞋子的)缝合处,结构等等,现在包括cleat design(不太懂,就是鞋子里面的一个设计),可以使用光谱来定制衣服、包或者更多。


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