listerine(漱口水)互动广告 [08oneshow]adidas THE ROO Campaign 雀巢《KIT KAT》互动营销案例 NIKEID 2008
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@ 2008-09-19



Nike was opening a premium customisation studio in NikeTown London.

Its aim: to let sneaker-heads get closer to Nike by designing their own shoes in free one-on-one appointments with NIKEiD Design Consultants. A VIP experience ordinarily reserved for sporting royalty.

Pre-launch, 50 influential Londoners were invited to NIKEiD London Studio via personalised video message on complimentary iPod nanos.

Post-launch, shoe addicts creating their own design became part of the campaign almost immediately. Their photo, shoe and a line written by them appeared on a kaleidoscopic background on giant video walls in NikeTown London’s windows.

Each kaleidoscope was dynamically created using components from the customer’s design – making every ad totally unique.

These one-off pieces appeared in near-real-time in NikeTown, on the NIKEiD website and on cube installations on the streets of London.

The NIKEiD street cubes released fast-track studio appointments via Bluetooth and took the unique ads to a wider audience.

2008OneShow Bronze

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