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类似 Elvis




One question we often get asked is, "So why are you called Elvis?"

The truth is, Elvis had a transformational effect on audiences. And that’s exactly what we strive to do, to take passive audiences and turn them into passionate fans. Fans who can’t help but throw their knickers at you and who are significantly more valuable to your brand.
We are Elvis. And we turn audiences into fans. Here are some of the people we do it for and a few of the awards we picked up along the way.
CIWF善待动物公益组织互动装置 喂猪行动

CIWF善待动物公益组织互动装置 喂猪行动 / 2013-09-25

广告主:CIWF全称是Compassion in World Farming,是一家致力于善待动物的组织。 广告执行:CIWF认为猪是非常聪明的,不应该以圈养的形式来“虐待”他们。为让民众了解这样的事实,集合户外大看板及
暂无 Elvis 视频广告
暂无 Elvis 新闻动态