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Color Tokyo! -Live Color Wall Project
CONCEPT Cross-media Promotion of SONY BRAVIA “Live Color” is the concept of SONY BRAVIA. We aimed for each and every one of the users to further experience the concept of discovering an
[08oneshow]T90: The Put It Where You Want It Tour
nikefootball website! 2008oneshow bronze Agency Nitro London/Mook / London
【08oneshow】Nike + Miles
Challenge: Increase awareness and number of registered Nike+ users. Strengthen Nike position as runners brand.Solution:  We gave birth to Miles an unheard-of, three-dimensional widget, ac
2008年oneshow互动类铜奖作品 The Perfect Kick
Client: Nike Name: Nikefootball.com - T90, The Perfect Kick Brief explanation: Nike's most technically advanced football boot to-date, the T90 Laser, required an ambitious online presentatio
2008oneshow互动类银奖作品 You need a quiet place
You need a quiet placeIn this campaign IKEA invites you to look at your bedroom in a new way. Not just as a room to sleep in, but also as an oasis of calm where you can read, relax and recharge af
2008oneshow互动类银奖作品 Around the world in five kitchens
IKEAAround the world in five kitchensThis time we travel through five kitchens in five countries. On the way we'll show you plenty of wonderful things to spice up your kitchen Hold down the mous
2008oneshow互动类银奖作品 Honda Internavi
Client Honda Motor Co.,Ltd Agency Dentsu Inc. / Tokyo Art Director Hiroki Nakamura, Yusuke Kitani, Shinya Seino Creative Director Hiroki Nakamura Digital Artist/Multimedia Takashi
[2008 oneshow ] 互动类金奖 -上海W+K
2008年oneshow互动类金奖作品 客户:耐克 创意团队:上海W+K 官网:http://www.nikezoom.com.cn/local/ (获得结束了,但还是可以看看视频) 今年在oneshow互动奖项上面,中国团队终于打破去年几近颗粒无收的黯淡